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Real-Time Tax Rates

Why keep track of changing sales tax rates in more than 12,000 state and local jurisdictions? Taxify does it instantly the moment customers check out from your Magento site. It’s the effortless solution that computes accurate tax rates in real time to keep your ecommerce business in compliance.

Automated Returns

Taxify will generate and electronically file your sales tax returns across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. And because filing is electronic, you can leave the paper, stamps, and post office nightmares in the past.

Enterprise Solution

The Taxify team began generating and filing reports in 2005. Today, Taxify uses AutoFile to file thousands of reports and billions of dollars in transactions every month. Vonnda’s Magento Taxify extension provides an enterprise solution, complete with flexible reporting, audit trail, and features that include taxable and non-table product types, importing of historical transactions, and stellar support.

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For more information or to start a free trial, visit Taxify. To download the Taxify Magento extension, visit MagentoConnect.

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