Salus Saunas - Case Study Hero Image

Salus Saunas is a wellness focused company that sells premium saunas and accessories for both indoor and outdoor use. They put an emphasis on the health benefits of regular sauna use and provide a wealth of wellness resources to help consumers find their ideal saunas. We collaborated with them to make it easier for site visitors to find the saunas that fit their needs.

  1. Build excitement around Salus and the debut of their premium saunas
  2. Showcase the extensive library of sauna related information available to site visitors
  3. Provide compelling evidence to support that they offer the best saunas on the market
  4. Simplify the sauna ordering process to help drive pre-orders

Streamlining design to improve utility.

The challenge for Salus Saunas was to create a stylish site that provides in-depth information about saunas, from the health benefits associated with their use to placing a sauna in your home. Being information-forward without clutter required streamlining the site’s design to suit Salus Sauna‚Äôs health focused clientele.

Salus Saunas - Case Study Challenge Image

Style and function connect seamlessly.

We created a custom site design, revised site structures, and improved UI/UX to create a sumptuous experience. We migrated the site from BigCommerce to Magento 2 to better fit the complex nature of their product structures. We also integrated features to properly report customer interactions and provide much needed ad management.

A stunning and informative site.

Once we helped Salus Saunas migrate to Magento 2 and overhaul the look of their site, they saw a sizable increase in organic traffic. High-resolution images, detailed product descriptions, and expansive content help customers make informed decisions while mechanics like Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager make day-to-day operations run efficiently.