Cameron Hughes Wine

Revolutionizing Direct to Consumer Wine Sales

Cameron Hughes promises “exceptional wine, extraordinary value.” And wine lovers agree they deliver. We helped them become the nation’s fastest growing wine retailer with a Magento Enterprise website that redefined direct-to-consumer wine sales.

Cameron Hughes Wine - Case Study

The Challenge.

Break the mold, but stay in compliance

Cameron Hughes Wine is acclaimed for its innovative business model and premium wines. But their website’s closed platform limited their direct-to-consumer sales potential. They needed a new site that was more engaging, more user-friendly, and more functional. But it wasn’t as easy as just building a new site — any changes to the website’s appearance, features or functionality had to comply with strict regulations governing online alcohol sales.

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The Solution.

Unleashing the power of ShipCompliant + Magento

We started by redesigning the site to make it responsive, visually engaging and intuitive. But more importantly, we needed to develop a way to comply with online alcohol sale regulations. ShipCompliant is an automated, easy-to-use alcohol compliance tool. Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform. By integrating the two, we were able to build a new site that customers love and that delivers results — featuring automated fulfillment processing, wine club management, custom search and checkout, dealer locator and targeted promotional content.

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The Results.

The new Cameron Hughes website is a splashing success

The new website, built on Magento Enterprise, generates high-volume sales and truly reflects the brand’s value and promise. The ShipCompliant integration makes it easy for Cameron Hughes to stay compliant with online liquor sales regulations. And the responsive site is much more user-friendly on phones and tablets. Numbers tell the whole story: 126% increase in users, 43% more page views, and a 35% jump in phone and tablet revenues.

  • +35%Mobile Revenue
  • +50%Web Sessions
  • +55%Site Visitors
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