SCAM ALERT: Confirming package ownership

Scam Alert: claiming package

A new scam is currently circulating via text and email. It reads something like “We have a package for you from a few months ago, please click this link to claim”. Below is the actual message received for reference in case you ever become a target.


“[Recipient name], we came across a parcel from February pending for you. Please claim ownership and schedule for delivery here: [link included].”

In today’s world, any link from an unknown source, and even sometimes from someone you “think” you know should be put under a microscope.

Today hackers will sometimes spoof a friend’s name or even take over their account. Keep an eye out for the following flags keep yourself safe, and ask yourself these questions when receiving a message that seems unusual, especially when it contains a link.

  • Does this language or tone sound like the sender?
  • Have you heard from this person recently or have they appeared out of nowhere?
  • Is the link legible and does it make sense? i.e. not obfuscated or shortened, you can see the domain clearly to which site it will take you.

Be safe out there, things are already rough and losing data, money or anything to these low life hackers will just add to the chaos.

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