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Maverick Charters is a family owned and operated charter fishing company established in 2015. With hard work and dedication to their community, Maverick Charters has become one of the highest rated fishing charter operations in their hometown, Homer, AK. They partnered with us to help them create a new and engaging website to better serve the fishing enthusiasts who visit Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

  1. Build a custom site to stand out from other fishing operations
  2. Highlight their extensive knowledge of sportfishing in Alaska
  3. Improve the site experience for customers and admin by simplifying processes and integrating key software

Draw attention and keep it.

The challenge for Maverick Charters was to create an appealing site that stood out from competing charters and showcased the types of remote fishing experiences they offer.

Maverick Charters - Case Study Challenge Image
Everything from start to finish was impressive.
Mandy L. | Owner

A custom design and effortless admin console.

We created a custom web design to match Maverick Charters’ brand and coupled it with compelling graphics that draw the eye and stimulate the imagination. We also built a custom WordPress CMS admin, which allows the site to be managed with little to no technical expertise.

Customer engagement and site traffic scale rapidly.

Following the launch of the new site, organic traffic increased exponentially and continues to improve. Our impactful design and effortless UI/UX lead to an immediate increase in trip bookings and contact form entries.

Maverick Charters - Case Study Hero Image