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Riverence Provisions leads the way in responsibly sourced, ethically raised seafood. Based in Idaho’s Magic Valley, they are the largest producer of farmed trout and steelhead and reseller of diverse global seafood, committed to responsible aquaculture. Through mindful breeding and land-based production, Riverence alleviates pressure on wild fish stocks, ensuring a sustainable seafood supply while prioritizing environmental stewardship.

  1. Conducted extensive UX research, including user interviews, persona development, and usability mapping, to create a user-friendly design.
  2. Developed a cohesive visual identity with brand expansion, color palette selection, and web typography.
  3. Created a fully responsive website that integrated all brand elements and was optimized for SEO to maintain and improve search rankings.
  4. Designed a scalable website structure to support the expansion of Riverence Provisions and its umbrella brands.

Creating Cohesion from Disparate Content.

Riverence Provisions faced the challenge of consolidating scattered content from various websites into a cohesive showcase for their singular brand. This involved retaining high-performing SEO content and migrating it to the new website. Our goal was to create a platform that satisfied current customers while attracting new ones. Additionally, we needed to design a scalable website structure that could support the future expansion of Riverence’s various facets and brands.

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Bringing Cohesion and Voice to Riverence Provisions.

We coordinated closely with multiple teams within the Riverence company and their customer base to ensure a unified approach. Our design was rooted in UX research, which proved essential in creating a successful and user-friendly website. By enhancing the brand, we were able to give Riverence Provisions a distinct personality and voice, solidifying their position in the market and ensuring their online presence was as compelling and engaging as their products.

A Seamless Digital Presence for Industry Leadership.

From concept to creation, we developed a stylish and fully responsive website that established Riverence Provisions as an industry leader in their online presence. Our elegant design skillfully unified all previously fractured elements of the brand into a cohesive whole, balancing style and functionality to provide an exceptional user experience. The new website showcases their offerings in great detail, enhancing their innovative branding and ensuring a seamless and engaging digital presence.

Riverence - Case Study Hero Image