B+N Industries

Modern interior design solutions.

B+N Industries - Case Study Hero Image

B+N Industries designs and manufactures innovative and intelligently engineered solutions that create purposeful and beautiful places. They push the boundaries of interior and exterior design to create environments that you want to return to again and again.

  1. Showcase new products with a highly visual solution
  2. Offer an interactive experience online that brings the products to life
  3. Give an introduction, overview, and in depth look at the product
  4. Carry the high end design style already in use while giving a refreshing update to the look

An interactive display to demonstrate design excellence.

The challenge for B+N Industries was to create a web design to launch their latest product, with the intent of providing an attention worthy introduction, a detailed look, and an abundance of in-depth information about the new product.  They also wanted to add interactive elements to their site, allowing shoppers to customize and configure their latest offering.

B+N Industries - Case Study Challenge Image

Small details to support the big picture.

We decided to feature the new product in its own section of the website to set it apart from the rest of B+N’s extensive catalog. The product is showcased in great detail, with advanced zoom-out features to capture every detail. We also simplified navigation on both desktop and mobile to improve customer experience and provide an experience that matches B+N’s sophisticated branding.

An aesthetic experience to match spectacular designs.

From concept to creation, we developed a stylish website that skillfully presented B+N’s new product in exceptional detail while maintaining the feel of its innovative branding. We updated their website to balance style and function effortlessly while showcasing their latest creation and improving key functions.

B+N Industries - Case Study Hero Image