f’real Foods

Shakes and Smoothies.

f’real Foods - Case Study Hero Image

With its luscious line of milkshakes and fruit smoothies, f’real foods has all the ingredients of an exciting brand. With over 20k locations around the world, it’s clear that their blend-it-yourself technology warms hearts with its line of frozen treats.

  1. Refresh website with fun and contemporary branding
  2. Provide a mobile friendly online experience
  3. Connect website to social media

Mobile focused design to catch attention.

The Challenge was to refresh f’real Foods branding to excite a new generation of frozen beverage enthusiasts. Not only did that include eye-catching design but focusing on social media to reach the demographics they were most excited to connect with.

f’real Foods - Case Study Challenge Image

Playful design to increase engagement.

We created a new digital strategy and charming website design better aligned with f’real Foods target demographics. Playful visuals and features entice young consumers to check out the latest milkshake flavors, engage with social media, and take advantage of the latest promotions.

Triple-digit growth: Now that’s cool.

The new mobile friendly website resonated with f’real’s target customers, leading to an immediate increase in traffic. Engagement with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram grew exponentially. Mobile and tablet sessions soared by 860% and the number of unique website visitors grew by 714%.