Clos Pegase Winery

Hand Crafted Luxury Wines.

Clos Pegase Winery - Case Study Hero Image

Clos Pegase is a luxury estate winery located in Napa Valley, California, established in 1983 that offers tasting rooms, private tours, and specialty wines. We delivered a website redesign that combines the experience of visiting a Napa, California estate with the luxury wines available through their brand.

  1. Allow visitors to easily book wine tastings and get a feel for the wine estate before visiting
  2. Increase the sales of wine online
  3. Feature the handcrafted wines created on-site at the estate vineyard
  4. Refresh the branding and design to align with Clos Pegase’s quality products and appeal to visitors

Streamlining design to improve utility.

Clos Pegase sought to keep the main focus on visiting their wine estate for tours and tastings while also showcasing their hand-crafted wines. The majority of traffic to their website was from booking reservations or looking up hours of operation, leaving their online wine sales minimal. The look and feel of the new website needed to reflect the brands history as a luxury wine destination and appeal to younger wine enthusiasts who have become a much sought-after demographic in the Napa Valley.

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Wine meets a website.

The Clos Pegase redesign bridges the gaps between their high-end branding, website, and physical space while showcasing their products and unique estate. Every webpage helps to tell the story of their magnificent estate and pairs the luxury feel with their world-class wine. Images, fonts, and colors were selected to represent elegance while also maintaining approachability. The pathways to explore tour options and Clos Pegase high-quality estate wines were streamlined to provide an online experience that matches the feel of their in-person events.

A luxury experience for a quality brand.

The website redesign delivers a fully responsive experience that features best practices for a quality online shopping experience. When visiting the new website, customers can easily view and book their Napa visit while also browsing the fine selection of craft wines Clos Pegase offers in person and online.

Clos Pegase Winery - Case Study Hero Image