Ashbury Skies

Ashbury Skies kicks up ecommerce success.

Startup ecommerce company Ashbury Skies wanted to become a niche retailer of fashion-forward women’s shoes. We helped them reach this goal with a new Magento storefront, and now the indie fashion scene has gained a new superstar.

Ashbury Skies - Case Study

The Challenge.

Jumping into the highly competitive world of women’s footwear is not a move to take lightly. To stand out, Ashbury Skies needed a strong brand identity, a bold and dynamic ecommerce website, and a tightly integrated social media presence that connected with their fashion-forward customers.

Ashbury Skies - Challenge Image

The Solution.

Taking ecommerce to the next level.

We created a clean, high-impact logo and fresh Magento website design that generated instant buzz and worldwide sales. Focused on-page SEO drew search engine traffic for multiple niche brand keywords. Our custom Magento development included affiliate sales tracking, synchronized inventory management, and visually immersive seasonal lookbooks.

The Results.

Continual growth is a reason to swagger.

Following the website’s launch, we developed new features and provided consulting services to further optimize the site. Year-over-year results include a 30% increase in revenue and 5% jump in conversion rate. Our site architecture has proven itself as well as it has scaled to accommodate new product lines, including dresses and accessories.

  • +30%Revenue
  • +30%Transactions
  • +5%Conversion Rate
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