ShipCompliant + Magento

ShipCompliant + Magento:

Wine sales, optimized

Vonnda combines ShipCompliant and Magento to deliver a superior platform for wine and spirits ecommerce

Vonnda is the only Gold Certified ShipCompliant Magento Partner.

Real-time Compliance

Accurate, instant verification of customer, shipping, and tax data

Complete Flexibility

Design and functionality are tailored to meet your unique needs

Fully Connected

Integrates with any accounting system, warehouse software, API, CRM, etc.

Vonnda developed the first and best ShipCompliant - Magento integration and the wine industry as a whole will benefit. Now there is choice.”
- Ben Jenkins
Director of Technology
Cameron Hughes Wine

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ShipCompliant + Magento Integration

Vonnda provides the most advanced e-commerce solution for DTC wine sales by combining the most powerful e-commerce platform, industry-leading compliance, and award-winning expertise.

For online retailers of wine and spirits, finding an ecommerce solution that provides compliance verification, merchandising flexibility and actionable metrics has been a challenge, until now. While ShipCompliant’s strengths are well-known in the wine industry, often it has been joined with proprietary SaaS ecommerce systems that limit or lack options for product merchandising, personalization, and CRM.

Magento is the “missing link” — an ecommerce platform that provides complete flexibility over visual design, functionality, and integration with ERP, email marketing, CMS and CRM systems. Magento’s open source technology is used by Nike, Warby Parker, and Paul Smith, among over 150,000 businesses worldwide.

By integrating ShipCompliant and Magento, Vonnda offers alcohol beverage businesses an unrivaled feature set for compliance, customization and control that drives revenue and supports growth.

Fully Compliant, Flexible, and Connected

  • 100% Customizable

    Design and functionality are 100% customizable, providing complete freedom and control.

  • Wine Clubs

    Wine Club features include saved credit cards, automated order creation and order processing, and unlimited wine clubs.

  • Easy Store Management

    Order management tools empower store admins to create, edit, cancel, copy and refund orders easily.

  • Real-Time Compliance Checks

    Real-time compliance checks deliver accurate, instant verification of customer eligibility, sales tax, shipping address and shipping rates.

  • Split Orders

    Orders can be automatically split and routed to multiple fulfillment houses.

  • Multiple Shipments

    Multiple shipments, with separate tracking numbers are fully supported.

  • Connects with any System

    Connect any external system or API such as accounting software, warehouse management systems, ERP, CRM, marketing software, Google Analytics, etc.

  • DTC, Wholesale, POS & More

    Sales include direct-to-consumer, wholesale, point-of-sale, wine club and phone orders.

  • Mobile Compatible

    100% mobile compatible and mobile optimized options.

ShipCompliant Highlights

Order Compliance

  • Real-time compliance check at the time of transaction
  • Pre-payment compliance check is run prior to capturing funds
  • For wine clubs and other batch orders, compliance check is run prior to credit card authorization
  • Non-compliant orders are flagged and quarantined
  • Admins can edit or override non-compliant orders

Synchronized Inventory

  • Products added in Magento are pushed to ShipCompliant
  • Inventory levels are displayed to customers, if desired

Tax Rates

  • Real-time tax rates sent from ShipCompliant to Magento
  • Accurate county and city taxes in states like New York and Nevada
  • Accurate taxes in Washington state, which requires a 9-digit zip code

Address Validation

  • Real time, street level address check
  • Customer and admins can override suggested address
  • Addresses are saved, speeding repeat checkouts
  • Address checks can be run outside of the order creation process

Future Ship Dates

  • Future Ship date option
  • Compliance check and commitment occurs on the future ship date


  • Cancelled and returned orders are voided in ShipCompliant
  • Supports exempt recipients, e.g. distributors and sales reps
ShipCompliant + Magento

Magento Highlights

Customer Segmentation

  • Demographic segments: age, gender, location
  • Shopping behavior: items browsed, added to cart, purchased
  • First-time visitors, abandoned carts, etc.

Targeted Promotions

  • Display specific content, promotions and pricing to customer segments
  • Up-sells, cross-sells to increase average order value
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns  

Unlimited Visual Design

  • Unlimited options for visual design and page layouts
  • Embed videos, images, other rich media
  • User-friendly CMS tool 

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Meta keywords, descriptions and titles for each product and category
  • Auto-generated site map and Google site map

Brand Affinity

  • Customer reward points: motivate customers to register, purchase, refer friends, etc.
  • Physical or Virtual Gift Cards: customer-selected or preset value
  • Store credit option, applicable to future purchases
  • Wish lists enables customers to save and share products 
  • Gift registry provides additional options for shopping and social commerce

Performance and Security

  • Scalable: Accommodates multiple sites, catalogs, visitors and transactions
  • Mobile-optimized to support iPhone, iPad, Android device sales
  • SSL data encrytion, PA-DSS-compliant platform
  • Optimized speed via full page caching and support for multiple servers

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About ShipCompliant

ShipCompliant is the leader in automated alcohol beverage compliance tools. With over 10 years experience, ShipCompliant provides wine and spirits suppliers and importers with a full suite of web-based software tools to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations for direct and wholesale distribution. ShipCompliant works with the industry’s leading software providers and fulfillment companies to provide fully integrated solutions for direct and three-tier distribution.

About Magento

The Magento eCommerce platform serves more than 150,000 merchants worldwide and is supported by a global ecosystem of solution partners and third-party developers. Magento is a feature-rich, open-source, enterprise-class platform that offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience, catalog, content and functionality of their online store. In August 2011, Magento was acquired by eBay Inc., and is now a division of X.commerce, Inc.

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